Plant Science and Technology College held 2018 annual training lecture on laboratory safety management and fire knowledge

Writer :Shi Le Photographer: Cui LingliOn the afternoon of April 27th, the 2018 annual training lecture on laboratory safety management and fire knowledge organized by Plant Science and Technology College was held in the lecture hall of the Molecular building. Liu Qiao,teacher of school national capital equipment department and Liu Wenkui , teacher of university defense department, made training reports respectively on two aspects of the laboratory safety managementcampus fire safety and daily safety.The attendance included the staff responsible for laboratory safety, scientific research assistants and core students. This training was hosted by Xiong Hailin, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Plant Science and Technology College.

    In the spirit of “safety first, precaution crucial”, Mr.Liu delivered the training from three parts: case analysis of laboratory safety accidents, introduction of laboratory safety work and security considerations . Besides, he emphasizd considerations on water, electricity, gas, fire, chemicals and instruments. In combination with specific cases, Mr. Liu Qiao introduced some common hidden security problems in laboratory including improper storage of chemical materials, poor storage of gas cylinders, poor management of dangerous goods, improper protection measures, explosion caused by inflammable materials and all kinds of accidents caused by misoperation of the experiment, biological safety, radiation safety, electrical safety, instrument using safety, mechanical process and incompatibility of waste liquid collection. He pointed out that "enhancing laboratory safety awareness is very important." And he hoped that teachers and students engaged in scientific research and laboratory safety management should draw lessons from fresh cases, protecting personal safety and campus environment so as to eliminate the occurrence of accidents. At the same time, he also carefully explained our university's laboratory safety management responsibility system,Huazhong Agricultural University Laboratory Safety Management Measures,Huazhong Agricultural University Notice On Strengthening The Safety Of Laboratory Management, Huazhong Agricultural University Dangerous Chemicals Management Interim Measures and other related policies.  

Then Mr.Liu Wenkui conducted safety knowledge training from four aspects: personal safety, property safety, fire safety and national security. Combining with typical cases summarized in his daily work, Liu explained how to prevent safety problems like stealing, robbery, drowning, sex invasion, fire, traffic, fraud and pyramid selling in the form of pictures and video. In particular, he stressed the hidden dangers of fire safety caused by inferior electric appliances, unmanned recharge and illegal use of high-power electrical appliances. At the same time, the basic self rescue knowledge and self rescue method when besieged by fire were also introduced. In the anti-theft and fraud part , he said that everyone should be vigilant and be ware of fraud.Do not believe “Pennies from heaven” and learn to develop good habits of keeping the money properly.

   Mr.Xiong Hailin summarized four points. First, the whole teachers and students should strengthen the awareness of fire safety, shouldering the responsibility of fire safety work to nip dangers in the bud. Second,strictly abide by the regulations of safety management and implement the system of laboratory access.Third, consciously abide by the regulations of safety management and refuse to use inferior and illegal electrical appliances. Forth, conscientiously study the fire safety knowledge, master skills, and actively convey them to students and teachers around, jointly maintain stability of our campus environment.

After the training, all the teachers and students participated in conducted a fire drill in Shishan square.


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