Some Cooperation Has Been Achieved between Plant Science and Technology College and Long Ping High-Tech on Talent Cultivation

On Apr.20th, Long Ping High-Tech Class launching ceremony was held in the third-floor conference room of the Main Building. The General Manager of Human Resources in Long Ping High-Tech, and the Party Secretary of College of Plant Science and Technology, Zhu Zhengning and other heads of College, also carried out further communication and discussion on comprehensively advancing and landing related talent cultivation cooperation.  

Xiong Hailin, Deputy Party Secretary of College of Plant Science and Technology, presided over the meeting and the Vice President of College, Luo Chaoxi introduced the advancement of some work, including joint cultivation postgraduates with the major vice presidents of Long Ping High-Tech, and the training for College’s international students at overseas bases of Long Ping High-Tech.

 Long Ping High-Tech said that it would open scientific research facilities which are in Pakistan, India, Vietnam, and Philippines, to College’s teachers and students and also woud support the students go to overseas bases to carry out scientific research. It also said that it would collaborate with College to do a nice job in the work of international students’ recruitment and employment.

Liu Lijun, Deputy Secretary of School’s Youth League Committee, awarded the appointment letter for the entrepreneurship tutor of HZAU to three executives, including Zhou Dan, and other vice presidents of Longping High-Tech. Fan Binyao, the teacher of Employment Guidance Center, on behalf of our university, signed a cooperation agreement on the employment base, with Long Ping High-Tech.

Shen Jing hoped that they could deepen the collaboration on the construction of “the Second Class” with the College of Plant Science and Technology. Later, Long Ping High-Tech Business School will be combined with Shuo Guo talent cultivation plan in College. The combination will bring the curriculum and culture of the enterprise into colleges and universities. It can also guide students to plan their growth and career well.

Chen Zhiqiang, a counselor of College of Plant Science and Technology, introduced the preparations for Long Ping High-Tech Class. And Long Ping High-Tech said that from this year it would donate not less than 100,000 yuan each year to College to support the construction and talent cultivation of Long Ping High-Tech Class. Then, Zhu Zhengning and Shen Jing inaugurated the Long Ping High-Tech Class. Furthermore, the two sides achieved an agreement of the cooperation of talent training and curriculum construction under the “Three-Level Professional Certification”.

At present, the Ministry of Education’s project for the international students is jointly applied by International College, College of Plant Science and Technology and Long Ping High-Tech has won the second round of support. There were 40 international students supported by the project obtaining the Chinese Government Scholarship.

The three graduate students of 2018 from College of Plant Science and Technology were trained in the professional teams of Yang Yuanzhu, Xie Fangming and Zou Jijun, who are Vice Presidents in Long Ping High-Tech. Also, as the enrollment and opening ceremony has been completed, more than 30 students became members of the first-year Long Ping High-Tech Class.

  In 2017, it ranked among the top ten seed enterprises in the world. The company also ranked the first in the selection of “Chinese Seed Industry’s Credit Star Enterprise” for two consecutive times. In 2016, it awarded the first place in agricultural listed companies. It also ranked the 55th in Forbes’ “Most Innovative Growth Enterprise in 2016”, and it was the only seed enterprise selected all over the world

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