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【Graduation Season】 Store the Youth of the Graduates

Core Tips: The College of Plant Science and Technology prepared a series of exclusive graduation feast for graduates such as storage of youth and leaving a tidy room to junior schoolmates.

"Look! This is our graduation souvenir by Sister Fen!" Soon after returning to school, the students of Class Zhang Zhidong of 2016 received a special blessing. What they call "Sister Fen" is the head teacher, Associate Professor Fen Zhu.分享到

During the epidemic period, Fen Zhu has been thinking about how to prepare a surprise for the students who can look back at the past and look forward to the future and how to let everyone cherish the friendship of the past. She has become good friends with her students these four years. So as a class adviser, she has her own small magic weapon. During this time, she carefully selected the photos of every student stored in her cell phone for four years, made a video of the students' beautiful moments of youth, with subtitles, audio, and customized the graduates' exclusive u disk just to store the youth of the students. At the same time, she also specially prepared for each graduate private custom ring engraved with the information of graduates, hoping the students of 2016 Class Zhang Zhidong can go forward hand in hand though they will work and live all over the country.分享到

As early as before the students returned to school, the College of Plant Science and Technology prepared a series of exclusive graduation feast for the graduates. On the  evening of 18th, the first evening after the graduates returned to school, Haoyang Jia, a counselor of Grade 2016 went to communicate with graduates who he had not met for a long time. At the Room 436 of the 7th dormitory of Hui Yuan, seeing graduate party member Zhihui Shi cleaning the dormitory in meticulous, Haoyang Jia learned that Zhihui Shi wanted to leave a tidy room for junior schoolmates as the college advocated. Because the woven bag was not enough, Zhihui Shi appeared a little disappointed. Knowing this, Haoyang Jia went to buy enough woven bags at the express delivery point downstairs and packed the luggage with him, which means four years of youth temporarily sealed. After having finished, Haoyang Jia and Zhihui Shi moved the luggage from the fifth floor to the first floor.

"Although this year's graduation season is difficult, I love Huazhong Agricultural University. So I came back. I am a party member. so even if having graduated, I will do my best!" Zhihui Shi said so, full of perseverance and reluctance to leave in his eyes.

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