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High-end Forum for Crop Science

TitleLessons from desert microbes, how to grow crops in extreme environments

ReporterProf. Heribert Hirt

Time4:00-5:30 pm, November 31, 2019Thursday

VenueReport Hall 103, Molecular building

InviterProf. Kabin Xie

Brief Introduction: Heribert Hirt, Ph.D. and a professor of King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (KAUST). He received his Ph.D. from the University of Vienna in 1987 and has served as the director of the Department of Plant Molecular Biology of the University of Vienna, Austria(2006-2007), the director of the URGV Plant Genomics of France (2008-2013), the director of the Center for Desert Agriculture in Saudi Arabia ( 2014-present). Professor Hirt has long been committed to the study of plant resistance to biotic and abiotic stress mechanisms. In recent years, his research has focused on two aspects. One is how protein kinase MAPK regulates plant disease resistance at the genetic and epigenetic levels; the second is the separation of probiotics and the potential and mechanism of plant stress tolerance of desert plants. He has published several papers in journals such as PNAS, Plant Cell, Trends in Plant Science, Genome Biology, PLoS Biology, and EMBO J. Selected as the EMBO member (2008), the ISI Highly Cited Scholar (2010 and 2014), the King Saud Distinguished Fellow (2014), one of the 100 most important researchers in France (2010), etc. Professor Hirt holds a number of important academic positions, including the member of European Research Council (2019-2027), the pesident of European Plant Science Organisation (2010-2013), and the president of Austrian Society of Genetics and Genetic Engineering(2005 - 2007) and so on.

Professor Hirt will introduce the research progress of desert microbes to help crops resist extreme environments.






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