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The Thousand People Plan Member——Zhou Huaibei Came to Humanistic Forum

(Reporter: Zhang Zhao, Liu Yan) On the afternoon of May 17th, 2018, the first edition of Humanistic Forum of Plant Science and Technology College was carried out in the 4th floor conference room of the International Exchange Center. Dr. Zhou Huaibei, the chairman of Wuhan Irvine Culture Communication Limited Company and the member of National Thousand People Plan, shared a report of "innovation and entrepreneurship case analysises".

Dr. Zhou obtained his bachelor and master degrees from Wuhan University. Then he received a doctor degree in radio physics from the Maryland University and worked in General Electric Satellite Communications Company of the United States. He was selected to the National Thousand People Plan in 2002. As the first oversea dean introduced by the Software College of Wuhan University, he was very energetic and persistent in reform. Later he chose to start his own business and worked on mobile phone games. Talking about the development of enterprises, he believed that innovation was the key to the survival of enterprises. When it came to big countries, he said enterprises should take up their responsibilities. At the same time, a large number of professional personnel should be trained. In the end, he stressed that we should cherish the prosperity of the society now, and be more conscious of the difficulties we may encounter to seek a new model of sustainable development. In the free questioning session, Pang Yanju, a graduate student, said that many students thought that working in the enterprises was unstable. He strongly encouraged everyone not to be afraid of the enterprises and invited students to work in his company.

After the forum, Chen Fang, a graduate student, said she was delighted to come to this forum. To some extent, it solves some of the confusion. And she hopes that the activities can be carried out frequently.

It is reported that the Humanistic Forum is a special activity for graduate students. It aims at disseminating humanistic knowledge and carrying forward the humanistic spirit. More and more famous people will be invited in the future.

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