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Early Spring Comes Early――Mobilization Meetings of School Anniversary Celebration was held

To actively promote the preparatory work of the 120th Anniversaryon February 6th and 8th, the school separately held mobilization meetings for Plant Protection and Crop Science, assigning the liaison members of each grade and making arrangements for the preparation of the celebration.

In the afternoon of February 6th, the college held a mobilization meeting for the 120th Anniversary of Plant Protection in the conference room of the third floor of the Main Building. Former Executive vice President of the school union, Daan Lu,the original plant protection department secretary of the Party Committee, Donggui Wu , retired Party Branch secretary of the department of Plant Protection, XiulanRong , secretary of the School League Committee, Yongjun Zhang , deputy secretary of the School League Committee, SanbaoLiu , director of the office of CEE, Chun Wang and all the teachers of the department of Plant Protection attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by professor Junbin Huang.

On the morning of February 8th, the college held a mobilization meeting for the 120th Anniversary School Celebration of Crop Science in the lecture hall of Xi Fu Building.Xianlong Zhang , the Standing Committee of the School Party Committee and vice President, attended the meeting and made a speech. Alumni of the department of Agronomy,Guorong Li, the secretary of the Hubei academy of agricultural science, Yue Zhang, the secretary of the Party Committee of the college of economic management, Falan Qin, the assistant dean of CEE, Kaibo Zhao , the member of School Organizing Department, Wei Li, the graduate students and all the teachers of Crop Science participated in the conference. The mobilization was presided over by professor Longfu Zhu , the assistant dean of the college.

At the meeting, Junbin Huang and Liyong Hu made a detailed description of the work plans of the 120th Anniversary for school and for the college of Plant Science and Technology. Various activities and other forms of organization were discussed.Among these items,the task of alumni mail list editing was a focus. The responsible person and the deadline of the work were determined at the meeting.

At the meeting of Plant protection, Daan Lu made a speech. He pointed out that the 120th Anniversary was not only a major event for the school but also a happy event for the department of Plant Protection. We should highlight the school Party Committee requests during the celebration and highlight the personality education, academic appearances, cultural tastes in all kinds of activities.Yongjun Zhang put some suggestions for the activities of Plant Protection during the school celebration. First, we should clarify the contents and ways of interaction. Second, we should outline the general situation of Plant Protection, and mobilize alumnus to support the development of the disciplines. Third, we need to mobilize the teachers to contact key alumnus.


At the meeting of Crop subject, Xianlong Zhang put some suggestions on the celebration activities of Crop Science. First, we should combine the alumnus who support the construction of school and cultivating talents with helping students and young teachers. Second, we should focus on the academic forum, entrepreneurial experience forum, achievement exhibitions of Crop Science and other achievement exhibitions of alumnus. He hoped to contact the alumnus’ emotions, enhance the alumni friendship, promote the growth of alumnus and promote the development of school through the celebration.

Zhengning Zhu,the secretary of the Party Committee of the college, participated in the two meetings and spoke at the meetings. He pointed out that the meaning of the celebration is about showing the history and development achievements of Crop Science to fill the purpose of educating people.Through the celebration, we should unite people and inspire students and alumnus to work harder.To review the responsibility of the teacher and create a better future with students and alumnus. He stressed that the way of organizing the school celebration was to let the school set up the stage,the subject performed and the students made efforts.We should treat everyone equally and leave no regrets. Finally, he raised specific requests for the tasks. Firstly, academic interaction ran through the whole year. Secondly, the mail list was the foundation and every class should accomplish it well,including he undergraduates, master students, doctor students.Thirdly,we should help the alumnus to appreciate our Alma Mater via emotional ties.


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