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“The foreign farmer” in the field

Photo: Professor Dong Wubei from Huazhong agricultural university leaded 6 overseas students to working the corn land.

In the April 7afternoon ,6 overseas  students from Pakistan and Egypt were breeding corn with Chinese students in the corn field. They are all graduate students majored in plant science in HZAU. Under professor Dong Wubei’s leadership, they working the 200 square meters corn field with the hoe on the shoulder..

Fassi who comes from Egypt paired off with Abbas who comes from Pakistan.Fassi was responsible for digging while Abbas was charged of seeding. They did a good teamwork.

“We l overseas students al have a field at home so we are not amateur in farming.” Armand from Pakistan said. He has been in HZAU for 4 years so that his Chinese is quite fluent. When it comes to farming, the big beard said that he has worked for The ministry of agriculture in Pakistan for 6 years and he will back to his country this summer.

“I plan to coming back to The ministry of agriculture and apply the knowledge I acquired to the development of agronomy.” Eminem, from Pakistan ,is the only girl of the six overseas students. She told the reporter that her country is in a great lack of agricultural talents. ”When I was applying for a major, I deliberately chose this one.” At the same time, she was carefully watering the field. She said ”All of those germchits are my treasures, so I take care of them.” Eminem told us her main major is plant pathology and she mainly studies plant disease resistance mechanism and resistance genes. When the corn seedlings grow to a certain height, she will once again to check the inspection of maize disease resistance.

Reporter Wang Yongsheng from chutian metropolis daily

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