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Students from tongren came to rape cultivation physiology laboratory for exchanging learning

From April 5, 2017 to April 11th, associate professor Wang Rui fromt tongren college leaded 7 undergraduates to professor Hu Liyong’s laboratory which is belonging to Plant science and technology college in our school for exchanging learning. Teacher Wang Rui is a doctoral student of professor Hu in 2015. Enveloped in the warm breezewe hear a sweat bird; Seat under the mild sun, we see a flower shadow. The meeting of teacher-student is always full of laughter.

In the evening of April 5 , teacher Wang Rui from tongren college with seven undergraduates, and the graduate students, doctoral students, overseas students from professor Hu Liyong’s laboratory communicated with each other. On the communication, Junior student Chen Xiaolei from tongren college introduced the tongren college. Tongren college seats at the foot of the peaks fanjing mountains of Wuling mountain where there are flowers and birdsong ,a ten-mile viridity Jin River a continuing improved history and a painstaking education for students. It inherited the education from ancestors and also develop the spirit of our time. Students from tongren college are practical and acquired the science and cultural knowledge. These 7 students are like grass on the lawn, pure and fresh.

Teacher Wang Rui said: ”There are still a number of areas very poor. The transport is inconvenience and we have to climb the mountain. This area is looked very desolate. Rugged, winding mountain path, mapped to the eyes, there are still countless teacher takes root in the hinterland of mountain who stay in the mountain alone, feel the sense of lonely and train excellent talent of the home. Now we help them in learning, they will build the hometown better and they will remember the help and cultivation from teachers in HZAU.”

There is no doubt that “Read ten thousand books, travel ten thousand miles.” Is the best way to learn. In one week, everyone has experienced growth and harvested happiness of practice. They learned how to the hydroponics of lettuce, learned how to awake a seed in the germination box and learned how to make morphological index measurement in pot and field. During recess, students and teachers play badminton together to exercise, ride bikes together, and practice English with foreign students together.

Students Wu Yanhua said in excitement, “Teacher wang is just like a sunshine as he can warm everyone’s heart. Why we undergraduates can experience the work of graduate students is because of your help. We enriched the life and gained the experience. During this week, we not only enhanced my knowledge of specialized knowledge, but also taught us something about moral characters and behaviors. Our single process is due to the affection of our teacher.”

All the students were attracted by the advanced educational philosophy, good style of study, beautiful environment in HZAU. Everything is novel and scared in their eyes. Through this exchanging learning, yhe sophomore, junior students personally felt the full-bodied education teaching atmosphere and the profound cultural background in our school.

All the beauty were carved in the memory and all the memory were hidden in the deep mind. Goodbye, my friends! The blue south lake flows and send our young boat to the further future where the flower of dream will be in full bloom forever.

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